Food Label Printing

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Driven by a need to ensure people know what they are eating, new food labelling laws are sweeping the world, and plastic card printers are playing a significant part in meeting compliance needs. Plastic cards are increasingly used for the labelling of foodstuffs in supermarkets, delicatessens and bakeries, replacing hand-written paper-based methods. If you are looking for food label printers, look no further.

At Wholesale iD, we have a range of food-safe Card Printer consumables for use with your Magicard or Zebra Card Printers. With our products, you can easily create food safety labels based on your needs.

Magicard has one of the most versatile labelling options with the ability to print to extended length cards. Hygienic, clear to read and versatile, wipe-clean cards up to 140mm (5.5”) long can be printed locally using Magicard desktop printers. Magicard’s dye film ribbon used to print pricing information or barcodes on the card’s surface has been approved by ISEGA for food contact.

High-Quality Printers for Food Safety Labels

As an experienced distributor, we are aware of the needs of our clients and have an unrivalled range to choose from.

Zebra’s Food Safe Card Solution ensures your business sends out the right impression and adheres to food safety legislation. The EU Food Information for

Consumers Regulation No.1169/2011 now requires all food service organisations serving unpackaged food or food packaged on-site that is for immediate consumption to provide details of all items which contain the EU 14 major allergens. In just a few quick and simple steps, the Zebra Food Safe Card Solution can produce a branded plastic card complete with all the necessary information.

We are committed to offering products that adhere to the highest standards of quality, and you can count on us for all your needs. To find out more contact your Wholesale iD team, and download this Zebra Brochure on Food Labelling.